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Transparent Copper #2

A bright new copper shade transparent gloss.This product is a coloured transpare...

£16.25 Inc VAT: £19.50


Ultrachrome is considered one of the brightest and most reflective chrome powder...

£21.67 Inc VAT: £26.00

Velvet Black

A dead matt jet black solid colour.  The product is very burnish resistant,...

£21.67 Inc VAT: £26.00


Violet pearlescent solid tone, with its distinct blue understones and making it ...

£21.67 Inc VAT: £26.00

Winter Silver

It is here, it is the Brightest Flattest Silver available in powder. It is a ful...

£16.25 Inc VAT: £19.50

Yuletide Red

A rich red transparent dead matt.Velvet colours have a dead matt sheen, and a so...

£21.67 Inc VAT: £26.00

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